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Viagrareviews.com is a online source that provides info about Generic medications. We don’t produce drugs we only give info about products manufactured by other companies. We strongly recommend to consult with a physician before reception of any drugs sold at online suppliers. The source is not responsible for any information regarding the way of use and dosage of certain drug. You should always follow recommendations of your doctor who is professional and can give you best suggestions which fit you personally. Viagrareviews.com is also not responsible for any severe consequences caused by purchased medications.

We only provide information for your knowledge and to make sure you understand what certain drug is and how it works. It shouldn’t be taken as a medical recommendation and applied for any kind of treatment and diagnosing. Also, any person purchasing any products at online suppliers should be at 18 years old, we do not sell medications.

Don’t forget to consult with your doctor and get personal recommendations before using any medicine. It can have unpleasant consequences, severely harm your health and even may be lethal in some cases. Our goal is to provide high-quality information about generic medications.

All doubts, questions regarding quality and manufacture of the medicines should be discussed and cleared only with authorized employees. The effect of tablets depends on many factors of customer’s body, health and others. So for safety, try using licensed drugs at first to make sure there are no adverse effects for you.

All of the questions can be answered if they are written in a respected form and are regarding products and supplier service.


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